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volunteer resources
The tools you need

Volunteer Trip Report (.ppt)
EMI Power Point Presentation (.ppt)
EMI Brochure (low-res 1.8MB) (.pdf)
EMI Brochure (high-res 5.4MB) (.pdf)
Poverty Presentation - Craig Hoffman (.pdf)

Trip Preparation
EMI Trip Guide (5.5mb) (.pdf)
Typical EMI Trip Summary (.pdf)
Typical In Country Design Presentation (.ppt)
Travel Agreement (.pdf)
Trip Packing List (.pdf)
Contact Information Form (.doc)
Social Media Cheet Sheet (.pdf)

Volunteer CC donation Form (.pdf)
Pay for your trip online
Sample Fundraising Letter (.doc)
Expense Reimbursement Form (.xls)
Support Raising - 7 Keys - Rex Barber (.pdf)

Technical Design
Developing World Design (.ppt)

Architectural / Structural Design Questions (.doc)
Learning Spaces Pt-1 - Tom Bastian (.pdf)
Learning Spaces Pt-2 - Tom Bastian (.pdf)
Learning Spaces Pt-3 - Tom Bastian (.pdf)
Living Spaces - Rex Barber and Ryan Koeniger (.pdf)

Civil Design Questions (.doc)
Civil & Environmental Design Guide (.pdf)
Water & Wastewater Calculation spreadsheet (.xls)
Water Test Procedures (.pdf)
Electrical Power - William Wright (.pdf)
      Electrial Power outline (.pdf)
Keeping It Clean W & WW Design - Chad Gamble (.pdf)
Making it stand - Matthew J. Coffey (.pdf)
Lifewater Documents on Water Supply and Sanitation

Disaster Response
Building Evaluation - Mike Young (.pdf)
Communications - William Wright (.pdf)
      Communications outline (.pdf)
Disaster Response Lessons Learned - Ken Isaacs (.pdf)
Disaster Response - Scott Powell (.pdf)
DR Timeline - Scott Powell (.pdf)
Shelter Design - Henry Watts (.pdf)
Shelter Forum - Henry Watts and Scott Powell (.pdf)
Water & Sanitation in DR - Scott Powell (.pdf)

Construction Management
Construction Management - Henry Watts(.pdf)

Survey Preparation(.pdf)

Farming God's Way by Grant Dryden
Morningstar Fishermen Aquaponic Research & Training
Growing Power's Growing Your Community Food System "From the Ground Up" Workshops
The IBC of Aquaponics (.pdf - 38 MB size)

Electronic Technology


iPhone Apps
HVAC Pipe Sizer
Engineering Libraries

Aerial Photos and Mapping
Google Earth
Esri Products

File Storage
EMI design team working on architectural master planning for a retreat center in the Middle East.
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